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Residential Realtor Plano TXSpring is coming and in most parts of the country, including North Texas, it’s the busiest time of the year for buying and selling homes.  If you’re one of those people who’s thinking of buying or selling a home this year, then you’ll need the help of a residential realtor in Plano TX.  Realtors are an indispensable resource when it comes to any type of real estate transaction but are especially important to have in your corner if you’re selling your home.

Unfortunately, many sellers who want to maximize their profits think that selling their homes without the help of a realtor is an easy route to take – and one that will save them the realtor’s commission.  The reality is that statistically a home that’s listed as ‘for sale by owner’ takes longer to sell and sells for less – significantly less – than a home sold with the help of a residential realtor in Plano TX.  Any money saved in commissions will be lost in the sale.  Need more reasons not to try to sell your home yourself?

1. Pricing

Pricing your home correctly is the most important part of selling it.  Set the price too high and your house won’t sell; set it too low and you’ll lose money.  A residential realtor in Plano TX can look at your home objectively to set a fair and accurate price.  She will also know how much comparable homes in your area are selling for.

2. Negotiating

Selling your home is a multi-step process that likely will include at least two steps that require a realtor who is an experienced negotiator:  when the buyer makes an offer and you must submit a counter offer and after the price is agreed upon and any concessions must be negotiated.

3. Advertising

A professional realtor has many ways to disseminate information about your home to the public to attract the most potential buyers.  She’ll prepare professional-looking marketing materials, coordinate internet marketing, host open houses and work with other realtors who may have buyers looking for a home like yours.

4. Facilitating

A real estate agent has experience in every aspect of home selling and can make sure that the process goes smoothly for you.  She can help with financing questions or problems, deal directly with the buyer’s agent to resolve conflicts and help to explain all closing paperwork.

The simple fact is that a residential realtor in Plano TX is the most valuable person to have on your side when you’re selling your home.  When you’re ready to put your home on the market this spring, call Alethea Busby at (972) 897-6525 or visit her at www.texashomehub.com to find out more.

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