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Homes for sale Little Elm TXAre you house-hunting in North Texas?  If you are, you should consider the homes for sale in Little Elm TX. Little Elm has a lot to offer singles, couples and families who want a better life away from, but within driving distance to, downtown Dallas.  And when you call realtor Alethea Busby for help in your home search, you can be sure that she’ll work with you to find just the right house.  But what does that mean for you?  What is the right house – one that’s near a particular school or one that’s two-story or one that’s a new build?  Your job, as the home buyer, is to make a clear list of things you need in your new home and a clear list of things you want but can live without if necessary.
On the “needs” list should be:
Things you can’t change in the future.  This includes the home’s location.  If you need to be near certain schools, near work or you want a neighborhood with a reputation for safety, these should be on your list of needs.  Lot size is unchangeable.  If you need a big yard or room to expand the square footage of your home, make sure it’s on your list of things you need.
Things you don’t want to have to fix or renovate right away.  You need a working air conditioner or heater.  You need updated wiring and plumbing.  You need enough bathrooms and bedrooms to accommodate the size of your family when you move into the home and you need enough space for storage.
On the “wants” list should be:
Things it would be nice to have.  You may like a particular style of home but if you’re flexible, this could be a want instead of a need.  Decks, new paint and carpeting, hardwood floors and finished landscaping sometimes find their way onto a home buyer’s “needs” list but they’re really not integral to daily life in a new home, so they become “wants.”
Things you didn’t know you wanted but why not?  This can include things like a home theater, a hot tub or swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen and access to a community golf course or tennis courts.

When it’s time to look at homes for sale in Little Elm TX, having a list that separates your must-haves from your nice-to-haves will make the home search that much easier.  And calling Alethea Busby at 972-897-6525 means you’ll have a realtor working for you who knows how to find what you need and what you want at a great price.  Visit www.texashomehub.com to start your online search for homes for sale in Little Elm TX today.

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